Dragobete – the Romanian holiday of love


It is said that love travels beyond time and space, but how can this be possible? I invite you, dear reader, in a journey of words, allowing you to discover the unique way in which the Romanians celebrate love. Unveil a tradition that started long ago and that’s still very popular nowadays.


Forget about Valentine’s Day, about the big red hearts, chocolate or fluffy toys. Take a moment and dive into more than 2000 years of traditions, legends and rituals. And who knows? Maybe, if you pay attention and respect the traditions exactly, you will (re)discover your special one this year!


Who is “Dragobete”?Dragobete Romania

24th of February is the day when Romanians celebrate Dragobete, a day filled with love and romance that brings in the new spring season. It is a symbol of youth and pristine love, of hope and new life cycles.


It is said that Dragobete is a Dacian God, similar to Cupid or Eros – the Greek God. He is the protector of love, joy and fertility and he is strongly connected to nature. He is linked to that special time of the year when birds build their nests and mate, when spring shows up and when nature restarts the life cycle – a time of rebirth for the entire nature and also a time for young love.


Traditions locked in time

In some parts of the country, single women used to wake up in the morning, gather some remaining snow and melt it down. If there was no snow left, they had to fill a pot with rainwater or from a nearby spring. The water obtained like this had magical powers – it was used for beauty treatments and for love rituals.


Young girls were taught to eat a piece of salty bread (baked by the eldest woman in the household), then place some basil under the pillow. During the night, they were supposed to see their future husband in their dreams.


Dragobete Romania loveSo, what happened on Dragobete’s day? Boys and girls used to dress-up in their “Sunday clothes” (fancy clothing) and meet in front of the church. Then, they would go to the nearest woods or meadows, singing in groups and looking for spring flowers. After sitting and talking around a fire, the girls would run back to the village, each being followed by the boy who had fallen in love with her. If the boy caught the girl and if she liked him, he would steal a kiss in front of everybody. This wasn’t just a game, it was a vow of love for the whole year along with the opportunity to show their attachment in front of the community. The traditional saying is that “Dragobetele kisses the girls!” (Dragobetele saruta fetele!), with each boy that stole a kiss becoming a “Dragobete”.


In the villages, there’s whispers and mumbles all over the alleys, wondering who loves whom. Young people believe that they should be happy and respectful on 24th of February, so that they can be in love the whole year.


What better reason do you need to sing, dance and kiss the girl you like, in this mystical day of Dragobete?


Romantic escapes

Here is a selection of romantic places in Romania, where you can celebrate love all year long:


Viscri Romania
. If the magic of old traditions have taken you over, we have the perfect place for you to visit. Imagine yourself in an old, traditional village where time stands still and traditions are alive. A place where you can still hear the old tales from the past. The wilderness in the mountains or the pristine valleys have an invigorating and relaxing effect, allowing you to escape the daily routine and enjoy the moments spent there.

While relaxing in a traditional, medieval-looking house and admiring the household decorations made by the local craftsmen, you discover a world with only a few connections to the present. The sculptures on the gates, the colorful popular costumes and the traditional songs and dances will send you back in time. (Photo credits: Gabriela Insuratelu)


Tunnel of Love Romania
Tunnel of love
. In a less touristy area, hidden from the main road, there’s a place that was recently added among EU’s must-visit hidden treasures. It’s a “natural” tunnel on a non-electrified railway that connects Caransebes and Otelul Rosu, inaugurated in 1908. (Photo credits: Florin Avramescu)



Sighisoara Romania

Sighisoara. Dive into the story of the best preserved medieval city in Europe – a city that’s still inhabited. For lovers who want to get away from big and crowded cities, Sighisoara is the perfect shelter. What can be more romantic than a lazy stroll on the narrow cobblestone streets, surrounded by the medieval architecture of the 16th century? It’s like stepping back to medieval times of fairy-tales, legends and knighthood, where the ancient traditions and local customs are still untouched by the modern civilization. (Photo credits: Adrian Petrisor)



Gate of Kiss Brancusi Romania

The Gate of Kiss. Maybe you’ve heard of Brancusi, the Romanian sculpture considered a pioneer of modernism, one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century. The Gate of Kiss is one of his most famous sculptures and it’s located in a park in Targu Jiu. It features a kiss motif on the gate pillars and it is considered a symbol of love. (Photo credits: unknown)


Dragobete holiday of love in Romania

The Belle Époque perfume of Bucharest’s Old City. If you’re in the mood for a cosmopolitan city, Bucharest’s Old City is the best place for a romantic city break. The architectural marvels of neoclassical and byzantine styles, 19th century houses, the Boehme cafes and colorful lounges will instantly charm you. During summer, you can escape the heat and constant buzz by finding refuge in one of the many, beautiful, hidden gardens. Pick your oasis of calm right in the heart of the city, your secret place within the urban jungle.


So, take the one you love and plan your next romantic journey!



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