The Story of Unveil Romania

Riding against the wind

Every child has a dream. Ours was about the power to inspire, but we never thought of it literally. It was about the desire to create, to break barriers of thinking, to do something meaningful to ourselves and ultimately to others. To grow up and be able to work with a child’s passion.


The story of Unveil Romania
Original photo by George Nutulescu,


This kind of dream seemed impossible and foolish in today’s society or, at least, this is what you are lead to believe when looking around you. Do you want to ride against the wind and take on a different path? Why would you? School – college – university – corporate career. This looks like a healthy, reasonable way to go with and you should be fine by following this “path”. But what if you really want to do more, be different and do something that matters? Where to start?


Start in a country where everyone complains that the values you had been taught of are being lost. Where actually the act of complaining became a sad sport. Where a once great bastion – the educational system – is crumbling. A system that often spits out poorly educated individuals with shallow desires and who randomly emigrate, most of the time giving a bad name to your country. A country where some of the best among you also emigrate only to be underpaid and confronted with a stigma caused by the aforementioned. Finally, in a country where those who can really make a difference end up being overwhelmed, complacent, bought over by cheap mentalities or promises and ultimately become ignorant statues. In this rotten environment, one usually thinks like this: “Looking around, I see that there’s a greater chance to achieve one’s goal by finding a safe way to steal rather than having an honest job. Those who cheat are glorified instead of being punished, the media doesn’t mind to promote cheap characters as models and all the while competent people are struggling to make a decent living. So why should I be the loser?” You can’t fight the tide. This is the place where we were born.


Born in a struggle to undo the plague of 45 years of communism without anyone having a clue on what was going on. Without any of the leaders or great people from before the regime still left alive or able to do something anymore. The golden age of which we had heard from our grandfathers seemed an utopia, a silly fairy tale. Those who had quickly became rich after the 89′ revolution were obviously not from the elites because the elites were dead. It took many years for the cultural wheel to start spinning again. This is the place where we grew up.


Yet, hope is not lost. Gradually you see your generation maturing. You see young people willing to start from scratch, willing to do things without any significant gain. Or with no gain at all. This is something born out of pride, out of feelings transcribed as “the hell with itI had enough!” or “it will get worse only if I allow it”. These kind of people give you hope and they make you smile.


One day, it strikes you. Violently. You quit your corporate job and start a new life. You begin to study like you never did before. You’ve heard this story over and over but never believed in it. Do you still believe in something other than family and friends? Yes – you do! Why waste so many years of education and an undeveloped potential? Use it for something great.


Why go with the flow and be ignorant? If you explain yourself too much it could sound like an excuse. It may be too obvious or even pathetic these days, but why not focus on the incredible riches your country still has to offer? Focus on the positive side. Leave the complaining to others.


This simple inspiration gave us huge motivation. The motivation to inspire others. Inspiration moves people. It gives them hope, vitality, desires and dreams. It’s not much but we really feel we are doing something, the least we can. This makes us feel more alive than we could have ever imagined. Typically, we have good days and great days. During the bad ones, we think at our vision and ultimately smile. Genuinely. It feels like we are not living in vain, allowing the values to slowly sink around us as we pass by. It makes us sleep better. Or even smile when working, sometimes late at night.


Because you see, it’s not only about Romania. It’s about a deeper need we all have. The feelings generated by Time Travel Tourism, our trademark, are a rare breed, as they make you want to share the thrill. The goal beyond The Quest to unveil Romania is that you attain inner balance by preserving the natural wonders, traditions and historical sites. Attain a balance between heart and mind. A balance needed to responsibly shape the modern society we live in, creating a better and lasting world for all of us.


From our inspiration, passion came to life. This lead to motivation. Thus, we built a Vessel so that we can share all of this with you. We built it for you to take the experience back home or wherever you go and even share it if you wish. We named this vessel Unveil Romania. And we poured our very souls into it. Come aboard! Keep it alive!



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