How it works

How it works

1, 2, 3, 4…Go Time Travel!


Time Mechanism - how it worksThis page is a step by step breakdown for the Tailor-Made Itinerary service a.k.a. The Dream Maker. The other two services (The Kickstarter & The Mentor) are single step processes and don’t require additional description. You can find all you need to know about them on the Services page.


Phase 1: Input data & Proposal

Submit the Request Itinerary form. Fill in a short, user-friendly questionnaire and describe your ideal vacation by referring to logistics, type of attractions, appealing activities, travel pace and so on.

Start-up call & Proposal delivery. We’ll have a free 30 min call to go through the request form & give you overall itinerary suggestions. Next, we’ll compile all the data and send you a Proposal that includes: draft itinerary, costs & timings.

Paying the deposit. If the draft itinerary suits you, choose an overall direction and pay the 40% deposit.


Phase 2: Filter and refine

Receive itinerary alternatives in the shape of a daily schedule draft containing several suggestions for activities, attractions and logistics. We want to offer you various options for each category so that you’ll be able to make the perfect choices for each day of your trip.

Paying the balance. When everything is set and you agree with the final itinerary, pay the remaining 60%.


Phase 3: Booking support

This phase is active only if you choose the “Booking Support” extra serviceWe offer logistics advice & suggestions by default, but in this phase we focus entirely on handling all the reservations for you:

Contact the vendors (accommodation, events, transport etc.) We’ll reassess availability, double check the conditions and make the reservations.

Confirmations. You’ll receive contact details for each vendor, along with payment options & instructions.


Phase 4: Travel Book & On-trip support

Travel Book. You’ll receive a complete, personal, Tailor-Made Itinerary in the shape of a Travel Book (.pdf format). Aside from everything mentioned above, this small guide book will include maps, photos, tips & tricks, facts about Romania, precautions and other goodies waiting to be put to good use.

On-trip support. Our help & support doesn’t end upon receiving the final itinerary. During your trip we’ll continue working as your trip adviser. Feel free to call us for guidance, advice or any other additional info.


Where to go from here?


Take the first step towards your Time Travel journey and fill in the Request Itinerary form.


If you have any further questions on how things work, feel free to Contact us.