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12 hours 2 Castles/Palaces 1 Medieval Town Pick up & drop-off Licensed guide

1 day. 3 different ages. A king’s palace. A vampire’s castle. A Teutonic city. It’s Time Travelling time!


Leave busy Bucharest behind in a one day trip that you won’t easily forget. First off? Go royal! Step into the shoes of kings & queens and explore Peles Palace – the private retreat of Romania’s royal family. The beautiful mountain scenery and elegant gardens built on terraces add even more charm to this majestic 19th century palace. Inside, everything spells luxury: golden chandeliers, walnut tree carvings, marble fountains, Venetian mirrors, secret chambers, a royal armory and many more.


Next, you’ll go even further back in time, during the late middle ages. Myths and legends swirl around the massive Bran castle, a stone giant guarding the passage to Transylvania since the 14th century. Count Dracula vs Prince Vlad the Impaler. Facts vs fiction. Explore the castle, its outdoor village museum or the House of Horrors.


The tour’s grand finale? An epic medieval fantasy, started by the Teutonic Knights during their first decades of existence. You’re in the city of Brasov, founded by the knights in 1211 on top of an old Dacian site. Initially called Corona (Latin) or Kronstadt (German), the city is now one of the most visited places in Romania. Dramatically overlooked by Mount Tampa, the city’s well preserved medieval core is a myriad of narrow cobblestone streets, craft guilds, fortified towers, gatehouses or medieval decorated inns.


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Duration: 12 hours, flexible starting hour (8 AM recommended).

Transport: Hotel pick-up/drop-off by private car.

Language: licensed English guide.

Travel pace: slow sightseeing, stops for lunch and coffee breaks/snacks.

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Unique tour concept & structure:

  • Sightseeing tour designed around a story. A stop at a major attraction unfolds a new chapter.
  • A chapter may describe: current attraction, historical events, daily life, fun facts.

 Private tour in Transylvania from Bucharest

Main attractions – highlights

Peles Palaceone of the finest collections of art in Eastern and Central Europe: over 2000 paintings, Swiss stained glass vitralios, Cordoba leather, Carrara marble statues & fountains, alabaster sculptures, Persian rugs, exotic timbers and solid bronze doors.

  • Architecture: Italian elegance & German aesthetics along Neo Renaissance and Gothic Revival lines.
  • Inner courtyards facades have allegorical hand-painted murals and ornate fachwerk
  • The interior is mostly Baroque, with exquisitely carved woodwork and stained glass windows
  • 170 rooms, various themes: Florentine room, Moorish Salon, Turkish Parlor, French Imperial
  • Grand Armory: 4000 pieces of armor & weaponry; famous Maximilian horse & rider armor
  • The first European palace entirely lit by electrical current; unique retractable stained glass panels

Bran Castle – built in the 13th century by the Transylvanian Saxons to play a strategic military role in the defense against the Ottoman Empire. The fortress was never conquered despite seeing heavy action.

  • Explore a legendary castle associated with Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) and ruled by Queen Mary.
  • Visit the outdoor village museum laying at the feet of fortress. Admire traditional Romanian structures
  • For Dracula fans: enter the House of Horrors or look for souvenirs at the castle’s flee market.

Brasov city is a medieval jewel of Transylvania. Its former name (Kronstadt) meant crown city.

  • Wander through narrow streets and admire the baroque, renaissance or gothic architecture
  • See the famous Black Church, the Council Square or enjoy a city overview from the White Tower
  • Stop for lunch/coffee at one of the many beautiful medieval inns, in the heart of the Old Town.

Tour price

Group size Price/person
2 persons 135 € per person
3 persons 115 € per person
4-5 persons 110 € per person
6-8 persons 90 € per person
> 8 persons Available on request


  • Hotel pick-up/drop-off by private car
  • Licensed English speaking guide & driver
  • Flexibility – itinerary may be customized
  • Private tour

Not included

  • Entrance fees at the castles (20€/person)
  • Lunch or snacks


  • The Transylvania tour must be booked at least 2 days in advance
  • When Peles Palace (interior) is closed, you will still be able to visit the royal gardens and the inner courtyard.


Peles Castle Schedule (interior):

Summer (4 May – 31 Oct): closed on Mondays

Winter Season (1 Nov – 3 May): closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


Book this private tour from Bucharest and have A Taste of Transylvania!

Step into the shoes of kings & queens, explore the marvels of Transylvania and unveil the myth of Dracula!


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