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So there, traveler, have you already been through the concept of The Quest or learned about our trademark and revolutionary way of travelling – Time Travel Tourism? You should check them out in case you haven’t. Not only that you’ll have a lot of fun, but you’ll discover very interesting things about Romania’s beauties, including those beyond the well-known stuff.
Even if you’re a seasoned traveler used to do the research on your own, know that gathering enough data to successfully plan a trip to an uncommon destination like Romania may leave you tired or frustrated.


In any case, how exactly can we help you plan your trip? Count on us when it comes to itinerary design, booking support, travel consulting sessions, on-trip support or alternate itineraries for larger groups.

Plan a trip to Romania
Even though these services are meant to help you make the most out of your vacation, you may not need all of them on a single run. Therefore, we have created 3 main packages:

1. The Kickstarter
– 1 answer to a simple question for free

2. The Mentor – travel consulting sessions

3. The Dream Maker – complete tailor-made itinerary


Working with us not only helps you go on vacation stress-free, but also opens the door for a world of possibilities. A world shrouded in magic that few have thoroughly explored! A journey through time!


1. The Free Question  a.k.a. “The Kickstarter”

The Kickstarter Unveil RomaniaCuriosity is the beginning of wisdom” (Socrates) and we like to reward people like you by introducing you to “The Kickstarter”. If you’re planning your trip by yourself and just need a quick answer to a simple question, don’t hesitate to Contact us and we’ll happily answer your query within 24 hours, absolutely free of charge.


We’ve introduced this service as a bonus, so that you may take a peek at the work of a travel consultant while having a quick taste of our knowledge. Sometimes you simply need a quick hand to get things underway and this is the role of “The Kickstarter”.


When do you need it? Choose this service when you have a single, specific question in mind. Example:

  • Where should one go for a Delta Safari?
  • Follow in the footsteps of Dracula – which are the locations of interest?
  • How can one get to the largest dinosaur-themed park in South Eastern Europe?


2. Travel Consulting  a.k.a. “The Mentor”

The Mentor Unveil Romania

People rarely reach their goals alone and that’s why you need “The Mentor” for travel consulting services. Turn dilemmas into safe bets or specific problems into solutions.


When do you need it? Use it if you already have a few insights on Romania’s attractions, plan to make the necessary arrangements by yourself (itinerary, routes, logistics) and along the way wish to consult with an expert for double checking or extra assurance. Do you have dilemmas on where to go/stay/eat or need advice for: budget, transport options, precautions?  “The Mentor” is destined for those who want to travel to Romania and need someone to point them in the right direction or steer them back on track.


What do you get in return? Skype/phone consultation sessions (1 to 2 hours per session). The number of sessions depends on how much info you need. If you wish, the consultation can be entirely email based.


How it works & Payment

First, email us at and specify what you’d like us to help you with. The more information we’ll get from you, the more specific our answers.

We’ll then estimate how much time we need to clarify your queries and schedule the (first) coaching session. Payment is set per hour of consultation (50€/hour) and will be charged in advance (bank transfer, PayPal etc).


3. Tailor-Made Itinerary   a.k.a. “The Dream Maker”

The Dream Maker Unveil RomaniaThe Dream Maker” – your ticket for experiencing the Time Travel Tourism concept of  Unveil Romania and for having an entire holiday exclusively designed around you and your group. This is where a journey through time takes shape. All aboard!


We offer you a completely customized itinerary, built entirely from the ground to reflect your unique personality. Start by filling in the Request Itinerary form – you name it, you have it! Don’t think that a request may be unusual – even the tiniest detail may be included. Let us handle all of the work – you just make sure you do your luggage. You’ll save days of research, comparing destinations, hotels and activities.


What do you get in return?

A. Phone/Skype consultations. It’s more effective to use conf calls (usually 2 or 3) in order to determine what you truly need and to properly shape your itinerary. We’ll always start with a free 30 min call, based on the info you provide in the Request Itinerary form. We’ll then email you a Proposal (including costs & highlights of your future trip). If everything suits you, you’ll pay the deposit and we’ll start planning your trip.

Travel guide - Visit Romania

B. Tailor-Made Itinerary
in the shape of a Travel Book (.pdf format). It will include all trip details, logistics, recommendations and relevant data so that your holiday in Romania goes exactly as planned.


C. Bonus – On trip support! Our help and support does not end after you receive the final itinerary. Feel free to call us if you need guidance, advice or any other additional info.


How it works & Payment
Pricing: the price will be included in the Proposal, upon completing the Request Itinerary form. The price may vary based on how many days you wish to spend in Romania and weather you select extra services or not. Price is per itinerary, not per person, as the itinerary is designed to accommodate the needs of all group members. Basically, the larger the group, the cheaper it gets per person.

Payment: 40% deposit – after receiving the draft itinerary; 60% balance – after agreeing the final itinerary.

How it works: Click here for more details on delivery stages, payment options (bank transfer, e-wallets).


Two Extra Services available

Unveil Romania Booking support