Tailor-made itineraries

Tailor-made itineraries

A trip to Romania designed around you


You are unique and so should be your trip. It should always reflect your personality. Moreover, a holiday should be, among other things, meaningful. To you, your family & friends and to no one else! You should do what you really like, not what the travel industry makes you believe you like.

Mihai Vataselu, Managing Partner at Unveil Romania



Tailor made itineraries to RomaniaEven if you’re a seasoned traveler who typically does his own research, gathering enough data to fully experience a trip to a rather less promoted destination like Romania may leave you tired or frustrated.


To make it easier for you, we can help with itinerary design, booking support, travel planning and on-trip support. We suggest, but you define, not vice versa. Save time and avoid stress while planning your trip and also rest assured that you won’t miss out on the hidden gems.


Experience our trademark concept of Time Travel Tourism and enjoy an entire holiday completely designed around you and your group. This is where your journey through time takes shape. All aboard!


What’s included?Tailor made itineraries Romania

Travel Planning. We’ll start by taking into consideration your travel philosophy, desires, needs or budget and work around them so that, at the end, you’ll have a perfect tailor-made itinerary. You’ll save days of research, comparing destinations, activities and accommodations. We will help you turn dilemmas into safe bets and specific problems into solutions.


Romania - Tailor-made Itineraries Booking support. We can offer consultancy for accommodation, events, private transport and restaurants. We will show you several options, allowing you to select what best suits your interests in terms of budget, quality or preferences. We can do the reservations for you but you will have to pay the vendors yourself.


Travel guide - Visit Romania Travel Book (.pdf format). Your tailor-made itinerary will also be included in a printed Travel Book, helping you to keep track of things so that your holiday goes exactly as planned. The book will contain everything about your future trip:


  • Travel route: details on accommodations; best driving routes, time frames;
  • Daily itinerary: keep track of everything you had planned before arrival;
  • Attractions, activities & events: history & documentation, localization etc;
  • Maps, photos & directions: custom-made maps for your itinerary; photos of the main attractions;
  • Overall tips for travelling in Romania: precautions, public transport tips, food & restaurants, budget.


Our help and support does not end after you receive the final itinerary. Feel free to call us during your trip or whenever you need guidance, advice or any other additional info.


Do you need guidance? One of our local guides can accompany you!

The tailor-made itinerary service is usually destined for those who wish to travel on their own and handle everything by themselves: accommodation, car rental etc.  Still, if you need a guide to accompany you along the way, we can do that, too! Don’t forget to mention this in the itinerary request form.


Pricing & Payment

For a tailor-made itinerary (self-driven) and consultancy (reservations, events etc), the price is 30€/trip day/group. A discount is applied for trips longer than 5 days.


♦ For a full package (tailor-made itinerary + tour guide), the price will vary based on the details provided by you in the Request Form (no of days, kilometers etc).


Payment: 30% deposit is required to confirm a booking. Payment options: Online Bank Transfer or PayPal.


Request a tailor-made itinerary

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Take the first step towards a tailor-made journey in Romania!

Fill in the form (trip details, email) and one of our travel consultants will get in touch with you.

It’s time travelling time!

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TripAdvisor Unveil Romania

Alixandria H., USA: “Unveil Romania was the Highlight of our Trip”

Unveil Romania provided us with a great tour in Transylvania and great company! Our guides, Olivia and Mihai, were extremely kind, helpful, accommodating and knowledgeable. I went with three friends on the day trip to Transylvania and we all loved every second of it! It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with both Mihai and Olivia, who made our day more fun than we could have imagined. If there is one thing you must do when visiting Romania, it is a tour with Unveil Romania. You will love every second of it!


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FAQ section

How can you best describe this service in a few words?

Flexibility & Customization! Everything is designed around you! Any crazy idea you might have – please don’t be shy and name it! We would be most happy to help as best as we can so that you’ll have a holiday to remember. A journey back in time!


How do I access the Tailor-Made itinerary service?

Just fill in the Request Form and we’ll take it from there.


I have some other questions. How can I get in touch with you?

Please check out our Contact page and feel free to send us an email or call us on Skype/phone.


I want to know more about Romania’s hidden gems. Any insights?

For you to have a taste of our Time Travel Tourism concept, we have created a “Quest that enables you to discover Romania’s wonders – the places where time stands still. Here are the 3 elements of The Quest:

Time Travel Tourism - Corvin Castle

Past locations
Unveil the marvels of a distant time. Click here to see places like Sarmizegetusa (ancient capital of Dacia), Bran Castle (home of Dracula), Sighisoara (uniquely preserved medieval citadel), Corvin Castle (one of the largest in Europe) etc.


Time Travel Tourism - House of ParliamentPresent ­­locationsExperience the modern thrills. Click here to view places like the House of Parliament (2nd largest building in the world), Balea Lake Ice Hotel, Mamaia’s luxurious seaside resorts, Danube Delta Safari (inside the 3rd largest biodiversity in the world).


Time Travel Tourism - Hidden HistoryHidden HistoryThe key element of The Quest. It keeps traditions locked in time, influencing past & present locations and placing them in a different light. Did you know that the war between Rome and Dacia has influenced certain traditions in today’s Romania? Click here for more hidden history.