The Crew of Unveil Romania

The Crew of Unveil Romania

Navigators Through Time


If we’re to be your navigators, you have the right to know what qualifies us. Nevertheless, we don’t want to shape this page into a typical CV-like structure as this might be rather unrewarding for you, if not irrelevant. Instead, it would probably be more useful or meaningful to see the way we think so that you can envision us as persons.

Olivia si Mihai
Mihai  & Olivia  – your Travel Consultants & Managing Partners at Unveil Romania

Personal Background

Childhood & education: Like most children, we loved travelling and our families had a big impact here. Moreover, we were fortunate that our parents and grandparents had an appetite for culture in many of its forms and that our education was not limited to what we were learning at school. Unknowingly, we have developed a strong set of values and we’ve also gradually started to enjoy exploring those things around us that were beyond the obvious or common. One particular area of interest was finding out as much as we could about our country’s history & traditions.


Work: As in most cases, your job won’t follow your passions, especially if you don’t have the required experience. Both of us attended the same marketing university and during that period we took various small time college jobs. Next, we started our corporate careers in the same field – online market research. In a desire to be more creative and to expand our views, we moved on to local companies where we could actually see how a business ticks, while understanding its tweaks and turns. We were involved in activities concerning retail audit, advertising, branding, event planning, marketing strategy, management presentations etc.


Travelling: Our jobs have refined our management and social skills, but what’s the connection with tourism? Gradually, our childhood passions took over and so we started investing more and more time in our hunger for cultural enrichment. Be it business or leisure trips, we took almost every opportunity to leave the office and travel. Even from early stages, we avoided using standard tourist packages for an entire trip as we always wanted to have our own schedule. Moreover, we desired to make the most of our time and thus experience as many things as possible, without being constrained by a predefined tour. Before quitting our jobs for good and starting Unveil Romania, we’ve managed to visit quite a few places:


  • 3 continents: Europe, Asia, Africa
  • 18 countries: Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, England, Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, Egypt, Thailand, Cambodia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus.
  • Romania: Countless journeys. From mountain tops to the water paradise of the Danube Delta. From historic cities to hidden villages, each packed with traditions that seem locked in time. No matter how many times we’ve done it, we always have the same feeling when we get in the car and start a new journey through our beloved country.


Volunteering & tailor made itineraries:  8 planes. 7 cities. 6 accommodations. 3 islands. A complex tour abroad, planned for us & our friends. This is how it all started. Designing itineraries for friends and then for our friend’s friends, until it became a second job. Ultimately our full time job. By volunteering to design trips we had become accustomed with a large range of custom built itineraries and travel planning techniques.


All of the above helped us gather a certain type of knowledge and experience, having no idea that someday we were going to use it…


3 steps: From corporate careers to travel consultants

What determined us to leave “the safety” of our corporate jobs and become travel consultants? How did we turn into The Crew of Unveil Romania? Discover the 3 steps needed to start a “time travel” career. Click here for the full article and find out:


Crew of Unveil Romania1. What sets the stage for a ride on the wind of change?

“Jumping off a cliff” takes courage and “surviving the fall” brings confidence. A cliché, right? Still, what if you do “jump” and, instead of “surviving the fall”, discover in shock that all along you were actually able TO FLY?! Find out what triggers such a “jump”…


Crew of Unveil Romania

2. An inspiring revelation gave birth to a mission through time

So you’re determined to ride the wind of change. Where to start? Inspiration doesn’t grow on trees – you have to hunt it down. You start by looking at your skills, at what you can really do. What else are you missing?


Unveil Romania Vision3. Your need for inner balance can help you shape the heart of a vision

You made the “jump”, you caught the inspiration and now you have a mission. Are you able to sustain it? It’s very easy to be set off balance. Find out how your own need for balance can help you define and sustain your goal…


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Now that you’ve learned a bit about us, let’s time travel and get to know each other better. As your future navigators through time, you can always contact us to plan your adventure, honeymoon, laid-back holiday etc. If you know where to look, Romania can be land of wonders with many stories to tell, yet the best ones are those that you see for yourself.


If you decide to hop in, don’t worry about receiving support from us only prior to your departure. We are not hiding under a stone so you can always call us during your trip :) Moreover, if you wish, we would be more than happy to meet and greet you at a coffee in Bucharest Old Town, sharing stories and getting you started on your adventure.