The Quest to discover Romania

The Quest to discover Romania

When past and present dance together, time stands still…


Come on now, unveil an entire.… country?”

“Not exactly…“

“More likely, you’re speaking of places like ice hotels or 5 star resorts on the shore of glacier lakes?”

“Nice, but not nearly close.”

“Then it must be about natural wonders, ancient marvels, medieval monuments or stuff of legend?”

“No, it’s beyond that. “

“Hidden history?”

“Hmm, warming up, but definitely not there.”

“So your country has all of the above to see and experience, you got Elements from the past or from the present laying out there, right in the open, yet you claim there is something far greater to be unveiled? And why would you need a Quest to discover Romania?


First of all, the purpose of The Quest is to discover Romania through our new & unique way of travelling.  The concept is based on 3 Elements: Past locations, Present ones and Hidden History. Each of them will let you have a glimpse at the beautiful places Romania has to offer, but only the 3 of them combined will unveil the purpose of your future Quest – a fascinating way of travelling.

Become the story as you live the journey. Take on the same path as we did some time ago. Accept our challenge and embark on a Quest through forgotten lands to unveil something far greater than you can imagine: the hidden jewel of the Atlantis of the Carpathian Garden. Of course, you can always opt for a classic holiday, but if you crave more, then we give you the chance to Unveil Romania beyond its natural wonders, ancient & medieval monuments or its modern thrills.

The Quest to Discover Romania

How it all began

It’s been several years now since we found The Map The Book and everything changed for us. By tapping into The Book’s knowledge, we learned about the hidden treasures of Romania and, more importantly, about an unusual way of reaching the forgotten places withholding them. Thus, by using the knowledge of The Book and the guidance of The Map, we have started following in the footsteps of a fascinating story.


Every subsequent chapter added a new piece to the puzzle and therefore the thrill of discovery got bigger with each location that we were unveiling. As our enthusiasm grew, so did our need to share all that we have seen. It gradually became harder and harder to keep everything to ourselves. This was part of our motivation to create The Quest and along with it the tools you’ll need to go out there and continue the legacy.


The 3 Elements of The Quest

Your Quest to discover Romania revolves around 3 key Elements. To reach your goal and unveil a new way of travelling you must understand each element at a time:

Discover Romania - Past Present


1st ElementPast. This element contains locations from a distant past. Click here to unveil sites like: Sarmizegetusa (ancient capital of the Dacian Kingdom), Bran Castle (home of Dracula), Sighisoara (uniquely preserved medieval citadel), Corvin Castle (one of the largest castles in Europe), Saxon Fortified churches of Transylvania and countless more.


2nd ElementPresent. This element contains locations closer to the present time. Click here to unveil stuff like: House of Parliament (2nd largest building in the world), Balea Lake Ice Hotel, Mamaia’s luxurious seaside resorts, Transfagarasan (best mountain road in the world by Top Gear), Safari in the Danube Delta (3rd largest biodiversity in the world) and many other intriguing places.


3rd Element – Hidden History. This element keeps traditions locked in time, influencing past & present locations and placing them in a different light. In certain conditions, hidden history combines with the first 2 elements, causing Past & Present to feel like they are running in the same time.

For instance: what’s the connection between mighty Rome being forced to pay tribute to the Dacian Kingdom (2000 years ago) and Romania’s current traditional costumes and celebrations?

Click here for more hidden history.


The fact that Hidden History is able to combine with the first 2 Elements of The Quest makes it the most important piece of the trio. Hidden history is the song on which Past and Present dance together. A dance so beautiful it causes even time itself to stop and stare in awe. Therefore, when the 3 Elements combine, it feels like YOU are time travelling.


Purpose of the Quest – Time Travel in Romania

Now you finally know the greater purpose of your Quest and the hidden treasure of the Carpathian Garden: Travel back in time and Unveil Romania’s secret Time Travel Locations.


The mix between unspoiled natural landscapes, very old sites, modern thrills combined with hidden history and the values that define us as a people creates a magical setting. A setting where you feel like time stands still.


In order for you to reach your goal, we have created Time Travel Tourism – our trademark and a revolutionary way of travelling that generates a mixture of unique and beautiful feelings: freedom of spirit & journey, thrill of discovery, balance of heart and mind, joy of sharing.

The purpose of our Quest is to give you the opportunity to “Time Travel” which actually means to admire places locked in time, where people are most happy to welcome tired travelers and tell stories about ancient traditions. Places where woodcraft, embroidery, weaving, pottery, metal working or transhumance are practiced for a living and not as a tourist attraction or reenactment. Places where, during holidays, people dress up in costumes which they decorate accordingly. The decorations still resemble the outfit of the Geto-Dacians, passed on from father to son for more than 2000 years.


Why the need to “Time Travel”?

We love to see places like those described above. It’s in our nature, but why? Why do we need to time travel?


Balance between past & present
Unconsciously, we “time travel” all the time, constantly searching and defining our identities. At least once in a while, we go back to our roots, search for our family trees or review the past achievements of people whom we admire. Regardless, this is not always enough in today’s society. Scientific breakthroughs brought us comfort while globalization, aside from several benefits, threatens to wipe out local or regional customs.
That’s why we love traditions. They make us smile and offer unexpected calm. We need a balance between past & present so that we may retain our own inner balance. We need to time travel.


Piatra Craiului - Discover Romania
Credits: Adrian Petrisor


Balance between heart & mind

Sometimes, today’s modern society tends to develop faster than what we can cope with. Often, our lives look like roller coasters: the faster you go, the more likely to lose control. Regardless, this fast paced way of living is an addiction. We complain about it, we don’t like it, yet we still inhale it. Gradually, we may lose connection with the people around us.

This speedy lifestyle generates a need for something that normally we don’t think at or even refuse to think at: a need for the serenity of nature, for tranquility, a balance between heart and mind… A journey back in time.


To sum it up: we believe that all of us have a need to “Time Travel”. A need to preserve the natural wonders, traditions and spiritual legacy in order to achieve the inner balance. A balance required to responsibly shape the modern society we live in and with that build a better and lasting world for all of us.



Accept The Quest:  Visit Romania in a different way – a journey through time

Experience a new way of travelling: Time Travel Tourism

Enjoy a customized trip: A tailor-made itinerary completely designed around you

Reap the rewards: timeless memories; beautiful feelings; inner balance



∼ Unveil Romania – an “Atlantis” of the Carpathian Garden! ∼

Discover it while you still can, until it will vanish again into legend, into the history of man.

Discover it while there still is balance between past and present.

Time Travel! Keep it alive!