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So there, traveler, you’re tempted to start planning your tailor-made trip to Romania with us, or you’re just in the mood for a short guided city tour? If you’re not convinced yet, find out below the reasons for you to choose Unveil Romania as your travel planner.


Unique concept  → Time Traveling Tourism

A new way of traveling designed to unveil the places where time stands still

Unveil Romania.Time Travel TourismWhen was the last time you saw a real blacksmith, a woman weaving, wild horses or wood crafting? Aside the modern thrills and ancient or medieval monuments, you can reach flourishing villages high in the mountains where people actually live and thrive off the land. Where traditions, costumes and celebrations still resemble those of the ancient Geto-Dacians, our ancestors. Where mouthwatering dishes are cooked only from what the land has to offer.


This is Time Travel Tourism – a new way of traveling designed to unveil places locked in time. So, what about you? Are you a Time Traveler? Click here to discover the elements that allow you to embark on such a journey. A tailor-made journey designed around you.


Cost transparency, objective and unbiased recommendations

Save money, dinero, argent, geld, moneta as in $, £, €, ¥ or whatever you’re carrying   :)  

Unveil Romania, Travel Planner. Tailor made tripsWe offer booking assistance but you’re the one who actually pays the vendors, not us. As a result, we don’t have any commissions from the vendors (hotels, restaurants, etc.). That’s why we are able to recommend only what best suits your interests in terms of budget, quality, preferences and so on. For example, you can forego a guide or driver’s salary when you don’t need it.


Being a travel planner company, we do the research, come with several suggestions and contact the vendors for you, if needed. Based on your choices, we will inform you where and when to pay each vendor.


Save time and relieve stress

Leave everything to us. You just make sure you do your luggage. And that you send your children to your parents. Or that you buy them video games for the long flight. Or finish your last minute tasks at the office and avoid being fired. Unveil Romania, Travel Planner.TripOh and, ladies, don’t forget about the beauty salon appointment! As for the gents, you should go drink a quick beer with your buddies just to mock them about your trip. The rest is up to us.


Firstly, a proper trip planning is a time consuming business when you know little about your destination or if you want to see the “hidden jewels”. Doing the research for a 1-2 week trip can cost you dozens of hours of googling reviews or safety advice. Do you have that time? Are you willing to sleep less and start your vacation by being exhausted? Or do you prefer to sit back and relax while your travel consultant does the work for you?



You’re not alone in the field: Call for “air support” or choose alternate itineraries for larger groups

Unveil Romania, Travel Planner.Flexible servicesThis trip is about you and your group. Nevertheless, people from the same group can have different schedules, desires and some activities might vary depending on age. You can choose to add an alternate itinerary, keeping a common structure, while allowing other members to pursue their own activities.


Our flexibility has another perk. Though small, it might be decisive. During your trip, you can always call us for support. Do this whenever you need additional info, directions, advice or to make a last minute cancellation.


Unique travel purpose  →  inner balance

Expect feelings like: Freedom of spirit; Thrill of discovery; Balance of heart & mind; Joy of sharing
The modern society we live in tends to develop faster than what we can cope with and often our lives look like roller coasters: the faster you go, the more likely to lose control. Unveil Romania, Travel Planner.Customized tripRegardless, this fast paced way of living is like an addiction.


In any case, this speedy lifestyle generates a need for something that normally we don’t think at or even refuse to think at: a need for the serenity of nature, for tranquility, a balance between heart and mind …. A journey back in time. A journey where you can find new things about yourself, new motivations on your work or see life from a different perspective. A journey where you can reinvent yourself. But how can you do that?


Occasionally, we all like to go back to our roots, search for our family trees or we simply wish to be inspired by the famous achievements of legendary figures. In one way or another, we all love to watch traditions and to see they still exist. This makes us smile and offers unexpected calm. We need a balance between past and present so that we may retain our own inner balance. We need to time travel. You need to time travel. So pack your bags and come to the land where past and present dance together!


Achieve peace of mind

Second, what can be more important than time nowadays? Peace of mind. Travel at your own pace and escape crowds. By having your own private tour you don’t have to wake up with the group. You don’t have to “set sail” for your mini trip and wait for the others to finish eating before you can all be herded back to your transport and head for the hotel.


Last but not least: achieve more in your trip by having everything already planned. You won’t waste time deciding where to go next, trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B or to find out that the museum you wanted to visit is closed for today. How much is an hour of your trip and your peace of mind worth?

Transfagarasan - Unveil Romania, Travel Planner


OK, meeting’s over – coffee break, everyone! Now you know the main reasons for choosing us as your navigators through time and for accepting the Quest to Unveil Romania. Well, there’s actually one extra reason, which may sound “a bit” exaggerated: we need money to colonize Mars and build a station there to act as a staging point for intergalactic tourism !?!?


No, seriously now, there are no extra reasons. We hope that you enjoyed our presentation and we look forward to guiding your through a fantastic holiday with Unveil Romania, travel planner & consultant!


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If you’re eager to time travel, book one of our private guided tours or request a tailor-made journey in Romania!