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A Vessel with the power to inspire

Every child has a dream. Ours was to have the power to inspire. The type of inspiration one requires to create, get out of his comfort zone and do something meaningful to himself and to others.


One day, it struck us. Why have a job where every day you help a brand become more inspiring when you can do better than that and inspire people instead? A product can’t smile – a person can. Moreover, why put aside your passion for travel and the love for your country’s history & traditions?


We became the inspiration we had sought so much and the thrill of it filled us with energy. The idea was to showcase Romania from a different perspective, beyond its natural wonders, ancient marvels or medieval monuments. To take you on a journey back in timeThus, we built Unveil Romania and we poured our very souls into it.


Who are we? What’s our job?Tailor made itineraries to Romania

Unveil Romania means private guided tours, tailor-made itineraries and travel planning. Our services are based on our unique trademark concept of Time Travel Tourism. This is a new way of travelling designed to unveil Romania’s most prized possession – the places locked in time where past and present dance together.


Tailor-made itineraries: you are unique and so should be your trip. It should always reflect your personality. Thus, we offer customized itineraries, completely designed around your needs, passions, energy, budget and so on. Other services: booking advice, travel consultancy, 24/7 on trip support.


Tours & Day Trips: a quick & easy alternative for those of you who wish to take a themed tour of Bucharest or a day trip to Transylvania. See the various faces of Bucharest, take a quick road trip to Dracula’s Castle or explore the fortified Old City of Brasov.

Wondering why to choose Unveil Romania as your travel consultant?  Check-out The Reason!


Unveil Romania Guided Tours Winner


NEWS! Unveil Romania has been awarded Boutique Tour Operator of the Year in Romania, in the 2017 Holiday & Tour Specialist Awards by the Luxury Travel Guide! Read more



Unveil Romania - Travel Planner. Vision of BalanceOur vision of balance

Unveil the places in Romania where time stands still and achieve inner balance through Time Travel Tourism. We wish to inspire travelers to attain balance by preserving the nature, traditions and historical sites. Pay it forward! Keep it alive!


Our mission through time

Unveil Romania Travel Planner - MissionWe desire to show you the unspoiled beauties of Romania, beyond its natural wonders, modern thrills or medieval monuments. Through Time Travel Tourism, our trademark and revolutionary way of travel, you can accept The Quest and go back in time to discover the hidden treasures of the Carpathian Garden. As your navigators, we aim to be the perfect Crew so that you can fully enjoy your trip through Romania. A trip with timeless moments. A journey through time.

You know the mission and the briefing. Come aboard, traveler! It’s time travelling time!

Our never fading values

Unveil Romania - ValuesPassion for what we do and for traveling: it may sound like a cliché but we don’t care. We revel in our work.

Authenticity: ever been on an epic quest to unveil Time Travel Locations?

Respect the roots: the love for Romania’s history & traditions keeps us going.

Reliable: as a traveler, you should never feel like you’re walking alone.

Empathy & flexibility: you feel more comfortable when someone understands you and your needs.

Equity: offer unbiased travel solutions and actually deliver what you promise.


Are YOU a time traveler?


Time Traveler. Travel Planner.Deep inside we are all time travelers but this ability is well locked within. For you to “go back in time”, you should detach from your daily routine. We can provide The Vessel, offer guidance and show you the Time Travel Locations. That is not enough though – you need to have an open mind so that you can immerse in the local culture. For a bit of inspiration, you can go through The Quest or Time Travel.


You can time travel if you:

 Want to travel freely, at your own pace. Precisely where, when and how you like it.

 Get off the beaten path and discover the “unseen” side of Romania a.k.a. The Carpathian Garden.

 Wish to be immersed in the local culture: hidden history, traditions, artifacts.

 Arrive on a business trip, have only 2 spare days and decide to make the most out of them.

 Leave all your worries behind and search for inner balance. Travelling allows you to rediscover yourself.

 Want to turn back time, find the child within you and then embark on a Quest to unveil places locked in time.



Attention, travelers! This is your navigator speaking.
∼ Holiday ahead! ∼
Time Travel Location identified. Vessel engines at maximum inspiration. Prepare for warp!

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