Time Travel Tourism

Time Travel Tourism

Unveiling the places where time stands still



When was the last time you saw a real blacksmith, a woman weaving, wild horses or wood crafting? No, not as reenactments, but practiced for a living. Aside from Romania’s modern thrills or medieval wonders, head towards the mountains and discover flourishing villages where people actually live and thrive off the land.


The kind of villages where celebrations or folk costumes still resemble those of the ancient Geto-Dacians – ancestors of today’s Romanians. Places where mouthwatering dishes are cooked only from what the land has to offer and where people are happy to welcome tired travelers or share stories about forgotten traditions.


This is Time Travel Tourism – a new way of traveling designed to unveil places locked in time.


When past and present dance together, time stands still

The concept. Time Travel Tourism is our trademark and the backbone of our mission: Unveil Romania beyond its natural wonders, ancient or medieval monuments and also beyond its modern thrills.

Purpose. So what is there to be unveiled? The places where time stands still, defined by us as Time Travel Locations. In order for you to reach these places, we have created a Quest that is based on 3 Elements:

Time Travel Tourism - Corvin Castle

Past locations
Unveil the marvels of a distant time. Click here to see places like Sarmizegetusa (ancient capital of Dacia), Bran Castle (home of Dracula), Sighisoara (uniquely preserved medieval citadel), Corvin Castle (one of the largest in Europe) etc.


Time Travel Tourism - House of ParliamentPresent ­­locationsExperience the modern thrills. Click here to view places like House of Parliament (2nd largest building in the world), Balea Lake Ice Hotel, Mamaia’s luxurious seaside resorts, Danube Delta Safari (inside the 3rd largest biodiversity in the world).


Time Travel Tourism - Hidden HistoryHidden HistoryThe key element of the quest. It keeps traditions locked in time, influencing past & present locations and placing them in a different light. Click here for more hidden history and unravel things like: how has the war between Rome and Dacia influenced certain traditions in today’s Romania?


How can you actually time travel?

The mix between very old sites (Past locations) or modern thrills (Present locations) combined with the traditions and values that define us as a people (Hidden History) creates a magical setting. A setting where past and present dance together, causing time itself to stop and stare in awe.


At that moment it feels like you are going back in time. This is Time Travel Tourism. Accept our Quest and embark on an epic journey to discover the hidden gems of Romania – the Time Travel Locations.


Travel purpose & philosophy

  • You are unique and so should be your trip. It should always reflect your personality.
  • A holiday should be, among other things, meaningful.
  • „Today, travel is the last great source of legal adventure” (Rick Steves)

Time Travel Tourism - Philosophy


We believe that there shouldn’t be any universal or predefined travel philosophy. Human beings are unique and so are the ways they see travelling. Often, the travel industry makes you believe that your only option is to choose from a limited, predefined offer. Considering that your travel style is a reflection of your personality, it’s logical that you should be the one defining your journey and not your travel provider.


That’s what we are trying to do here, at Unveil Romania: we suggest, but you define, not vice versa. We take into consideration your travel philosophy, desires or needs and design everything so that, in the end, you’ll have a tailor-made itinerary. Why? A holiday should be, among other things, meaningful. To you, your family or your friends and to no one else! You should do what you really like, not what the travel industry makes you believe you like.


Are you a time traveler?

Deep inside we are all time travelers but this “ability” is well locked within. Unconsciously, we “time travel” all the time, constantly searching and defining our identities. At least once in a while, we go back to our roots, search for our family trees or review the past achievements of people whom we admire.

Time Travel Tourism - Unveil Romania


Sometimes, that’s not enough. You’re craving for the serenity of unspoiled natural landscapes. You enjoy colorful traditions and wish they won’t cease to exist. You wish to fill a gap caused by the fast paced society we live in.


Fortunately, there still are places left in Romania that can answer all these inner calls. Someday soon, these wonders will be overrun. The eerie villages, the wild horses roaming over endless meadows, the pristine canals of the Danube Delta…Romania is “the last corner of Europe where you can find true sustainability and complete resilience” (Prince Charles of Wales).


It would be a pity to miss out such a journey. We can provide The Vessel (Unveil Romania), offer guidance and show you the Time Travel Locations. As your navigators through time, we aim to be the perfect Crew so that you can experience a tailor-made journey through time.



Plan your trip today and experience the legends of yesterday!

Come aboard, traveler! It’s time travelling time!