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Visit Romania

Locations related to the distant past


Welcome, traveler, at the presentation of The Quest’s 1st Element. Oh, never heard of it? Warp here to learn more. Long story short, we challenge you to embark on a quest to visit Romania and discover its hidden gems, through our trademark concept of Time Travel Tourism – a revolutionary way of travelling.


Go “back in time” and Unveil Romania beyond its natural wonders, ancient or medieval monuments and also beyond its modern thrills. Your future Quest is based on 3 Elements: Past locations, Present ones and Hidden History. Each one will unveil beautiful places but only when the 3 of them combine, you will get closer to the purpose of The Quest and becoming a “time traveler”.


In any case, rushing onto unfamiliar ground can be dangerous, traveler! First, you ought to know the terrain! Visualize the background of the locations you might be passing through, starting with the ones related to Romania’s distant past:



The list can go on and on as you trek through pristine forests or wander through the magic of endless meadows. It may follow you as you gaze upon remote highland villages whose people live and thrive of the land or as you follow mountain roads dating from back in the time of the Romans….


It’s the last corner of Europe where you see true sustainability and complete resilience’’ (Prince Charles of Wales).


You may now exit the time machine. We’re living in the present. Remember that what you’ve seen above is just a tiny fraction of the past related locations. The Quest has 3 Elements and, naturally, past is always followed by present. Continue your journey by going to the 2nd Element, representing the locations in Romania that are closer to the present day.