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Visit Romania

Locations from the present


You’ve just arrived at the presentation of The Quest’s 2nd Element! Not familiar with The Quest? Warp here to learn more about it. Long story short, we challenge you to embark on a quest to visit Romania and discover its hidden gems through our trademark concept of Time Travel Tourism – a unique way of travelling.


The Quest is based on 3 elements: Past locations, Present ones and Hidden History. Each one will unveil beautiful places but only  the 3 of them combined will get you closer to the purpose of The Quest: becoming a “time traveler”. In the previous “chapter” you have unveiled the locations from a distant past (1st Element), so now it’s time to discover the modern thrills:



Recap time, lads!

  • The Quest to Unveil Romania’s new way of travelling has 3 Elements.
  • You’ve just seen a bit of the 2nd Element – the locations closer to the present day.
  • The 1st Element contains locations from a distant past. Go here if you missed it out.


Now, you have a better picture of the terrain: historical areas, natural wonders and modern thrills. Still, if we take a look at our secret map, we can see large areas where a 3rd Element combines with the first 2 in a unique pattern, rendering past and present to feel like they are running in the same time. The outcome of this fusion is the real treasure that you must unveil. The goal of your Quest.


You’re starting to wonder, to say the least. Good. “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom” (Socrates) and you’re not yet prepared, young Padawan. Let’s go and find out about Hidden History and what makes it so special.